Yoga & Wellbeing Holidays Goa

Unlike a retreat there is no group schedule, so you can either spend time relaxing alone or hang out with others. One of our most popular options is our classic Yoga Holiday where you're free to do as little or as much as you want. You can attend one or both yoga classes and then do as you please for the rest of the day. Alternatively we offer a range of tailored wellbeing experiences (also solo or with a partner) that are designed to support you more deeply on your wellbeing journey. All of our teachers and other practitioners are highly trained, and very gentle, so you will be completely safe and in good hands.

Find a perfect, shady spot amongst the abundant flora and fauna for reading, relaxing and contemplating; or walk the vast expanse of beaches and discover the cool, little bars and boutiques fronting the beach. We also encourage you to chat with reception about the various excursions, cultural activities and early morning dolphin trips that this magical beachside paradise offers.


A wonderfully relaxing holiday that gives you the freedom to attend one or more of our yoga classes and then do whatever you want with the rest of the day. Please remember that you don’t need to be flexible to do Yoga - if your body is a little tight that is a good reason to try Yoga ;)


A deeper exploration of the health-giving power of Yoga and bodywork. This program is perfect for anyone that wants to explore Yoga and bodywork a little more fully. Apart from the morning pranayama and meditation session and twice daily Yoga classes you will have at least one massage treatment every day.

PANCHAKARMA - VIRECHANA (completely cleanses the gastro-intestinal tract of pitta toxins)

A bespoke 7-day detox and rejuvenation treatment program combining Ayurvedic therapies with other modalities of healing available at Ashiyana Goa, tailored just for you.

PANCHAKARMA - BASTI (herbal enema treatment that cleanses accumulated toxins from all three doshas)

A tailor-made 7 day detox program that combines Ayurvedic rejuvenation treatments with other healing therapies available at Ashiyana Goa. Designed to eliminate toxins that accumulate mostly in the lower part of the body.

All of our Experiences at Ashiyana Goa include:


An eclectic mix including wooden tree houses, spacious rooms with breath taking river views, and luxury suites sumptuously furnished with antique Rajasthani furniture.


Famous for our food, we offer a fusion of east and west including Indian, Nepalese and Thai specialities, as well as cold-pressed juices, raw food yumminess and to-die-for healthy desserts.


More a quality of mind than it is a style of Yoga - it’s all about offering our guests a safe and nurturing space where they can sense inwardly, and move mindfully.

Evening Activities

Our evening activities might be gently invigorating or relaxing, whatever the case, they invite introspection and easing of the body-mind, which are central to the ‘Ashiyana Experience’.


We have incredible massages, one to one (private) yoga sessions, and other treatments at our Ashiyana Spa where we specialise in Ayurveda and our signature BEST ME (lifestyle) coaching.


Our water in the restaurant is lovingly filtered, and we offer masala chai, lemon and ginger, lemon grass and other teas 24hrs a day. Can’t resist the caffeine urge? Sorted ;)

Daily schedule of additional activities

○ 08.00 – 08.30am:  Meditation & Pranayama

☼ 08.30 – 10.00am:  Morning Yoga Class

☀ 16.00 – 17.30pm:  Afternoon Yoga Class

☾ 20.15 – 21.15pm:  Guided Meditations / Chanting / Yoga Nidra / Satsang / Restorative Yoga / Qi Gong (activities vary throughout the week)

During peak season, we often run additional morning and afternoon classes, concurrently, to accommodate the larger number of students.

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