Wellbeing Holidays

Our wellbeing holidays fuse the ancient wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda with contemporary therapeutic modalities - ancient wisdom meets modern science. They offer you a beautiful wellbeing experience, designed to support you on your journey to becoming the best possible version of yourself, and can be enjoyed either on your own, or with a partner.

Each program is carefully crafted to ensure that you can focus on your specific goal or intention, and for how ever many days that you’d like. Our teachers and therapists are all highly trained and accredited, and will support you with compassion, understanding and patience.

Our wellbeing holidays (like all of our Experiences) are totally unique, not just in their content, but also because we continue to support you when you return home. Our BEST ME App™ enables you to video chat and message with your coach, doctor or other practitioner, attend online classes, courses and talks, as well as book further Experiences. Best of all, when you book one of our Experiences, you receive your first year’s BEST ME App™ membership free!


A wonderfully relaxing holiday, popular with those who are either new, or relatively new to Yoga. Our teachers are all highly trained, and very gentle, so you will be completely safe and in good hands. Please remember that you don’t need to be flexible to do Yoga - if your body is a little tight that is a good reason to try Yoga ;)


A deeper exploration of the health-giving power of Yoga and bodywork. This program is perfect for anyone that wants to explore Yoga and bodywork a little more fully. Apart from the morning pranayama and meditation session and twice daily Yoga classes you will have at least one massage treatment every day.

EAST MEETS WEST - Yoga & psychotherapy for overcoming mental & emotional issues

A beautiful blend of ancient & modern wisdom - Yoga, psychotherapy, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), and a range of nurturing Eastern and Western bodywork treatments.


This program will enable you to learn how to turbo charge your immune system, naturally, and feel vibrantly alive.

FIT FOR LIFE - Achieve and maintain your fitness goals

It may seem like a huge challenge to reach your fitness goals and to have a body that pleases you., but the resolution to this problem lies in understanding the obstacles that stand in our way.

PANCHAKARMA - VIRECHANA (completely cleanses the gastro-intestinal tract of pitta toxins)

A bespoke 7-day detox and rejuvenation treatment program combining Ayurvedic therapies with other modalities of healing available at Ashiyana Goa, tailored just for you.

PANCHAKARMA - VAMANA (herbal enema treatment that cleanses accumulated toxins from all three doshas)

A tailor-made 10 day detox program that combines Ayurvedic rejuvenation treatments with other healing therapies available at Ashiyana Goa. Designed to eliminate toxins that accumulate mostly in the upper part of the body,