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Welcome to Ashiyana Spain

Back in the 1950’s, the Ter river was dammed to create the Sau reservoir, which now provides water for the three million inhabitants of Barcelona. Our quiet sanctuary is located next to this stunning reservoir, in a national park rich with oak, pine, and poplar trees, and wild boar, deer and foxes. This area of Catalunya is famous for its dramatic mountains, waterfalls and endless, rolling, wooded hills. Just 1 hour 20 mins from Barcelona airport, and 45 mins from Girona airport, our tranquil haven is set within farmland and forests.

Every imaginable sport and adventure activity is on our doorstep including - swimming, kayaking, trekking, cycling, climbing, and ballooning. Given that the former Hotel, ‘La Riba’, was owned and run by a farming family, we also benefit from having a lot of our food grown around us and locally. 25 mins away, the local town, Vic, is famous for its history, with a magnificent Roman temple, ancient town centre, many churches, food industry and wonderful gastronomy, a medieval market, leather industry, and the famous Museo de Arte Medieval, one of the most important Roman & Gothic museums in EU.

We are delighted to welcome you here to our newest Ashiyana retreat :)


A room for every taste

10 double bedrooms, one single, and two beautiful suites give us accommodation for up to 25 guests in the main building, and we have additional accommodation in a couple of villas nearby.

The main accommodation is within the old hotel, dating back to the 1960’s, Around the high ceiling’d reception area and living rooms you can see a marvellous visual history of the Sau reservoir and how it flooded the tiny village of Sao Roma de Sau, forcing the family to move higher up the hillside and build Hotel La Riba. The old church is still visible, with its spire protruding out of the water, creating the iconic image of the area.

Experiences at Ashiyana Spain

Create Your Own Journey

Yoga & Wellbeing Holidays

Our philosophy of journeying towards optimal wellness underlies everything that we offer at Ashiyana. Through ancient Ayurvedic therapies, uber-relaxing spa treatments, mindful Yoga, cleansing detoxes, nutritious cuisine, and restful sleep, you’ll feel the layers of stress drop away as you settle into our tranquil, natural surroundings.

Yoga Retreats

We offer a comprehensive range of retreats throughout the year, most run by ourselves - like our signature BEST ME Retreat, and others by retreat leader friends of ours from around the world. We also have our famous Yoga and Wellbeing holidays.

Yoga Teacher Trainings

Whether you’re just beginning your Yoga teaching journey, you’re an experienced practitioner looking to expand your knowledge and skill, or you’re simply seeking a deeper experience of Yoga, choose from a variety of certified Yoga teacher trainings, immersions and modular courses with Ashiyana Yoga School in Spain.

Wellness & Wellbeing at Ashiyana Spain

Powerful therapies to calm and nourish the body & mind

Private Yoga Classes

Explore new meditation techniques, learn how to control your breath with Pranayama, or work on a particular aspect of your Yoga practice through private tuition with our experienced teachers.

Juice Detox

Detoxify your organs, kick-start weight loss and revitalise your energy levels with a personalised juice cleanse. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, our nourishing juice fast eliminates fatigue and bloating by providing your body with a welcome break from sugar-rich, fatty and overly processed foods, allowing it time to replenish and recover.

Best ME Coach Consultation

Our coaches are all yoga teachers who have been trained in our BEST ME Coach Training methodology. We call them the ‘Yoga teacher of the future’, since they are able to support and guide YOU across the whole of your lifestyle - sleep, meditation, exercise, nutrition, personal care, relationships, hobbies, career and growth. Your chosen coach will create with you your personal wellbeing program comprising of little 'rituals' that nudge you towards your goals and intentions.

Our unique approach to wellbeing, based on our BEST ME model, has evolved over eighteen years at Ashiyana. Importantly, this takes account of what stands in the way of you achieving your goals, so that you can transcend these obstacles and learn to flow more easily with life.

Catalan Magic

We will be building a beautiful spa over the next couple of years, and meanwhile we have two treatment rooms set around the magnificent 160m2 pool.

It's all about #theAshiyanaExperience

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