Ashiyana Legal Statement

Ashiyana Ltd. is a wholly owned UK company that takes care of the sales and marketing, bookings, management and operations  for the two Ashiyana Retreat Centres, in Goa and Brazil. We therefore own and manage this website.

The two Ashiyana retreat Centres are also wholly owned companies, and are independent from each other. In Goa, the centre is owned by Ashyana Yoga Retreat Centre Private Ltd., an Indian Company; and in Brazil , the centre is owned by ‘Piercy Empreendimentos Ltda., a Brazilian Company. 

Inspite of the three entities all being independent, we share precisely the same vision - to empower our guests to optimise their own wellbeing, mentally, emotionally and physically. 

Since we all operate as an harmonious whole, with precisely the same goals and values, we express ourselves in the website with language that implies we are one entity. In spirit, we are, but in the context of business and law, we are not :)