Your personalised lifestyle medicine™ app

The Ashiyana app is a human and digital wellbeing system that was born out of supporting our retreat guests since 2006. This has allowed us to evolve our own unique approach to wellbeing that we call personalised lifestyle medicine™ - an holistic, personalised wellbeing program that enables significant and sustainable improvement in health, happiness and fulfilment through small, daily rituals.

We have realised that in order to support YOU in becoming the best possible version of yourself, our guidance needs to take the form of a personalised wellbeing program (PWP) which is tailored to your goals and intentions. You will be able to co-create your PWP with your own coach who will recommend specific content including online classes, podcasts, workshops and retreats, as well as small, daily ‘rituals’ that will move you steadily towards your goals.

We hope that this is the beginning of a long and beautiful journey together.

Welcome to Ashiyana

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