Our Ashiyana Family

At Ashiyana we dine together, family style.  We practice, chant and meditate together.  We support each other, and we allow each other space when it’s needed.  Together we create a sanctuary in each of our beautiful locations.

An ever-evolving family of like-minded souls, we flourish through feeling a part of a connected family unit, with shared, daily lives.

 Our guests, staff, teachers and dogs all flourish through feeling part of a family unit, with shared, daily lives. Stay with us and join our ever-evolving family of like-minded souls. 

Our Teachers

Our teachers at Ashiyana are an extremely important part of the 'Ashiyana Experience'. Not only do they hold the safe, loving space of our classes and sessions, but they would also love to meet you around the dining table at mealtimes.

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Our Dogs in Goa

Our much-loved yogi dogs are a very big part of the Ashiyana Family, and firm favourites with everyone who comes to stay with us.  They have all been with us since puppies and are very safe to be around.  Friendly and sociable, they love nothing more than to welcome guests into our shared home.

You will more than likely meet the dogs in our Yoga shalas during class, since they are just as dedicated to a regular Yoga practice as we are – their favourite asana, of course, being savasana!  


Our eldest and wisest female dog, who was given to Chris as a 3 month old puppy in November 2007. Mother to Checker and Churby (who sadly died a few years ago), she is, in our opinion, one of the cleverest dogs that ever lived.


Born to Nasha and Jake (a 65kg Rottweiler gentle giant who sadly is no longer with us) on 14th December 2009, at Ashiyana. Nicknamed the ‘King of Mandrem’ – he roams freely, and is known and loved by so many in the local area. Blind in one eye; full of love; fiercely loyal; and self-appointed guardian to all of our guests on the beach.


Khushi walked across the field behind our restaurant as a 2 month old puppy in December 2010, and lay down outside one of our rooms – clearly asking if she could be adopted. She is our resident oddball, who makes the most incredible sounds when wound up – like Chewbacca from ‘Star Wars’ – as she skittishly sprints through the restaurant! Devoted to one of our teachers, Alicia, Khushi is certain to never be far away from her.