Giving Back

Supporting the wellbeing of not only our guests, but those whose wellbeing is impaired through poverty, lack of education or extreme circumstances across the globe, is key to our vision at Ashiyana.  Below are a number of projects that we currently support.

If you would like to help us support any of the projects below, please email [email protected]

We assure you that 100% of all financial support goes directly to the chosen cause (or one of our choosing, if it has not been specified).

Moving Children Foundation

The Moving Children Foundation raises awareness to support movement for children around the world.
Movement through yoga, dance and play can make a significant contribution to a child’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. The foundation initiates projects with teachers, aid workers, parents and everyone else working with children to support them integrating movement into their daily routines.  The projects are set up in areas where learning through yoga, dance and play can improve children’s lives.

In collaboration with Ashiyana, Moving Children is working with several schools and orphanages in Goa to provide a sustainable movement program for all children.

Shishu Bhavan: Child Day Care Centre

Shishu Bhavan (translated as 'a safe and loving place for children') was founded in 2014 by Renee Mallardo and Rupa Mandrekar to help disadvantaged children in Arpora, Goa, move into the education system, provide nutrition and hygiene, and basic healthcare.
The Child Day Care Centre provides much needed care for the pre-school aged children in the slums. Their mission is to help children by educating to the standard required to enter mainstream school at age 6. They help families with the required paperwork for registration and meet any costs attached.

In collaboration with Moving Children, Ashiyana is working with the teachers of Shishu Bhavan to provide a sustainable movement program for all the children at the centre.

Welfare for Animals in Goa (WAG)

Welfare for Animals in Goa is an NGO dedicated to rescuing animals in need.
They have adoption schemes where they re-home abandoned animals, beach monitory and feeding programmes to reach starving cats and dogs during the monsoon season. WAG has recently opened a small clinic where they nurture and treat a wide range of animals and their ailments.
Ashiyana partners with WAG and some of the Ashiyana family-members volunteer at the clinic of WAG to give love and care to the animals in need. 

Brighton Yoga Foundation

Brighton Yoga Foundation aims to make yoga accessible to everyone - so we can all enjoy the amazing benefits that it can bring.  It provides year-round community yoga outreach activity.  It offers small grants to those with great ideas for local specialist yoga projects.  It has organised highly successful annual yoga festivals in Brighton city, U.K. since 2014.  It helps the yoga community by providing a range of useful services that it needs.

The Alto Project

Ashiyana Brazil is our expression of how a business can be a force for good through creating a virtuous loop of sustainability based on the 3 Rs of our R3volution; - Relaxation - Rehabilitation - Reforestation. With your help, we'll be able to open the retreat in our divine hide-away in "Alto Paraiso" (High Paradise) that will be the sister to our retreat in Goa, which has itself evolved into a social enterprise, supporting our staff and guests, the local community and the wider environment.

More Information Coming Soon