Your turnkey business

We have run thousands of classes, workshops, coaching sessions and trainings since our inception in 2006. This has given us a deep insight into the needs and challenges of being a wellbeing coach or practitioner. 

We have seen that coaches and practitioners also need support, not just as individuals but professionally too. If you are going to deliver the very best of yourself, then you need to be free to focus on what you love to do. We have therefore created a turnkey business platform that offers bookings, accounts, event creation and ongoing training. One of the most exciting elements is a ‘My clients’ section that revolutionises the way that you work with your clients. 

Whether you intend to work with us as an Ashiyana coach or practitioner, or you prefer to stay independent and still benefit from our turnkey business platform, you will be able to offer your clients our unique personalised lifestyle medicine™ app. 

We hope that this is the beginning of a long and beautiful journey together.

Welcome to Ashiyana

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