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Welcome Home

Home is where the heart resides. A place where you feel safe, supported, nourished and loved. Surrounded by family & friends and held in a loving embrace, our Yoga and wellness retreat centres have been created as a sanctuary where you can retreat - to rest, relax and restore.

Meaning ‘home’ in Hindi, Ashiyana is your healing haven, your home away from home. Time slows down, breath deepens, smiles widen and hearts expand.  Ease your body, calm your mind and reawaken your spirit.

Relax. You’re home.

Discover our Wellness Retreat Centres


Personalise your stay at Ashiyana with new and bespoke experiences

Yoga & Spa Holidays

Our philosophy of journeying towards optimal wellness underlies everything that we offer at Ashiyana. Through ancient Ayurvedic therapies, uber-relaxing spa treatments, mindful Yoga, cleansing detoxes, nutritious cuisine, and restful sleep, you’ll feel the layers of stress drop away as you settle into our tranquil, natural surroundings.

Yoga Teacher Trainings

Deeply experiential in nature, our courses are more than simply trainings in asana, pranayama, meditation and philosophy. In fact this one month is a magnificent journey of inner discovery, regardless of whether you want to become a teacher or not.

Through a focus on self-exploration, our trainees graduate as empowered, authentic and loving teachers, able to hold safe and nurturing space for their students to explore their own inner worlds.


A specialised cleansing and detoxification process that will improve your digestion, strengthen your metabolism and restore your body’s innate healing ability.

Panchakarma is beneficial for all - whether you’re currently experiencing a particular ailment/illness that you would like to address, or you simply wish to undertake preventative measures for potential future issues, and therefore ensure optimal ageing.

It's all about #theAshiyanaExperience

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