Explore new meditation techniques, learn how to expand your breath with Pranayama, or work on a particular aspect of your Yoga practice through private tuition with our highly experienced teachers.

Private Yoga

An ideal opportunity to work 1 to 1 with one of our experienced Yoga teachers for postural correction, breath awareness and guided meditation. Whether you are new to Yoga and wish to gain a better understanding of the basics, or you would like to explore a particular asana, our teachers will guide you safely. This can often be very beneficial to help you get the most out of our group classes.

Private Meditation

Meditation has enormous benefits for the body, mind and spirit - including releasing bodily tension, easing the mind, and becoming clearer about your heart-felt desires. Learn how to incorporate this powerful spiritual practice into your life through a guided 1 to 1 session with one of our expert teachers.  

Private Pranayama (Breathwork)

Pranayama originates from two Sanskrit words; ‘Prana’ (Life force) and ‘Ayam’ (Control), and is one of the eight limbs of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Known to be beneficial for treating a range of stress-related physical disorders by balancing the autonomic nervous system, Pranayama also helps to calm and balance a busy, distracted mind.

Experience the power of your full breath (most people under-breathe) and explore some of the various other breathwork techniques used for cleansing, purification and rebalancing, such as Nadi Shodhana, under the guidance of one of our expert teachers.

Holistic Yoga Therapy

Holistic Yoga Therapy is our signature treatment at Ashiyana Goa. With 1 to 1 Yoga-based therapy sessions, our expert therapists work with you to gain a deeper understanding of your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, and then create a bespoke practice for you to take away.