Food & Nutrition

We believe that nutrition plays a vital role in our overall health, happiness and wellbeing. 

What is often overlooked, however, is that nutrition is not just about what you are eat, but also when you eat, and your mental, emotional and physical state at the time of eating.

A wholesome, balanced diet

Our food is fresh, and wherever possible, organic. We also source our produce locally, and according to the seasons.

We begin our nightly ‘fast’ by not eating late in the evening, and ‘break’ it around 14 hrs later, at 10am. Consuming food whilst our prana levels are high (avoiding late night or early morning), and eating a wholesome, balanced diet that is rich in nutrients, 
whilst feeling calm and happy, nurtures us physically, emotionally and mentally.

Life-enhancing fuel for the body and mind

Our goal is to bring more awareness to the importance of good nutrition, together with the other pillars of optimal wellbeing that we practice at Ashiyana Goa  – loving relationships, exercise, sleep, calmness of mind and a sense of purpose.

Delicious and nutritious food - to eat in or take away

Detox & Panchakarma


A bespoke 7-day detox and rejuvenation treatment program to cleanse your digestive system.


A rejuvenating detox program comprising herbal enema treatments with other Ayurvedic therapies.


A tailor-made 10 day detox program of medicated emesis (induced vomiting) and other Ayurvedic healing therapies.

Virechana & Basti

A comprehensive 12 day detoxification experience combining both Virechana and Basti therapies in a baspoke program made just for you.

Juice Detox

A 7 or 10 day Juice Cleanse Program combining Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapies and Basti (herbal enemas).

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