Yoga holiday

A wonderfully relaxing holiday that gives you the freedom to attend one or more of our yoga classes and then do whatever you want with the rest of the day. Our teachers are all highly trained, and very gentle, so you will be completely safe and in good hands. Please remember that you don’t need to be flexible to do Yoga - if your body is a little tight that is a good reason to try Yoga ;)

Start your day off with a dynamic Yoga class at 8am in one of our spacious and airy Yoga shalas. Now feast on a delicious, healthy buffet brunch (we’re famous for this!) in our spacious restaurant overlooking the paddy fields and hills behind. You’ll have plenty of free time to soak up the sun, go on leisurely walks, enjoy incredible sunsets on our endless beach and explore the beauty of Goa with its local markets, spice farms, Dudsagar waterfall and majestic churches. Afternoon yoga at 4pm is a slower, more gentle class easing you into the evening. The evening buffet meal is an eclectic mix of Indian, Thai and European cuisine, rounded off with ‘Tek’s’ famous desserts. Our evening activities at 8:15pm - including kirtan, meditation, classical Indian music and more - will prepare you beautifully for an early night :)

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