The Ashiyana Training School has been running trainings since 2010. With hundreds of graduates from all across the world, we are globally recognised for our unique approach to Yoga and Wellbeing.

Our trainings are so much more than just a training, and many view them as self-development courses that equip you with essential life skills at a time when self-responsibility is dwindling, and there is a corresponding explosion in chronic, lifestyle diseases.

We strongly believe that the world needs many more Yoga teachers, as well as more wellbeing practitioners in general. However, we also recognise that precisely what these practitioners offer needs to evolve with our fast-changing times. We invite you therefore to consider how you might create a differentiated offer from what is already available, as well as a more holistic offer that better addresses the lifestyle guidance that your clients are so much in need of.

We are in the process of creating a wonderful suite of trainings both on and offline, so do keep watch on the list below -

200hr Yoga Alliance certified*

300hr Yoga Alliance certified*

Ashiyana Coach Training (ACT)*

Multiple 50hr modules*

ONLINE 50hr, 200hr and 300hr trainings*

*Please see details at the bottom of this page.

Our list of trainings will be growing over the coming weeks and months so do keep watch -

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Recent Retreats / Trainings

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200HR Yoga Teacher Training - 3 Weeks Intensive in Brazil
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200HR Yoga Teacher Training - 3 Weeks Intensive in Brazil

09 June 2023 - 30 June 2023 (3 weeks)

with Ashiyana Teachers

Yoga Alliance Certified


* Enquiry date is the date of your first contact, email or phone call to us.

Price includes course, shared accommodation and three meals per day.

Instruction language: ENGLISH/PORTUGUESE

200hr Yoga Alliance certified. Our Ashiyana style of classes, and therefore also the way that we guide teachers have become well recognised in the marketplace for both honouring the traditions of Yoga, whilst also empowering students to find their own authentic expression. Most of all, we guide our trainees in recognising that the essence of ‘teaching’ is really about an invitation to your students to journey inwards and be guided by their own inner wisdom. As the saying goes, when you look outwards you learn, but when you look inwards you awaken. We will also offer certain modules as realtime options at our resorts. With our online trainings we will also offer an optional one week, 50hr module at our resorts.

300hr Yoga Alliance certified. Continuing in the same vein of offering a deeper experience of Yoga, we guide our trainees towards their own deeper realisation of what Yoga is enabling them to realise about themselves. Teaching goes two ways, if you focus on becoming more advanced then you grow your ego, but if you focus on growing ever more humble and surrendered, then you become a beacon of light for others. With our online trainings we will also offer an optional one week, 50hr module at our resorts.

Ashiyana Coach Training (ACT) - Level 1, 200hrs. This is an online course with the option for 1 week at one of our retreat centres. We are extremely excited to offer this brand new element of our training school from 2023 as we believe that it perfectly encompasses all that is required to be the ‘Yoga teacher of the future’. In the tradition of the ‘Gurukul’ system of Yoga, a teacher was taught to work with their students across the full gamut of human lifestyle - relaxation, sleep, nutrition, exercise, fun, relationships, career, creativity, positive thinking, abundance and so on. We are therefore going back to the future and creating this comprehensive, multi-modular training that will be offered as an online course with an option for 50hrs at one of our centres. It is based on our unique approach to wellbeing - BEST ME Model. Our first training will be launching in Summer 2023!

Multiple 50hr modules covering all the most important elements of Yoga, from which you can cherry pick those that most resonate with you and your intentions. This will allow you to specialise and fine-tune your offer, whilst also counting towards your 200hr and 300hr Yoga Alliance certification.

ONLINE 50hr, 200hr and 300hr trainings - for many of us online trainings are a blessing since we can fit them in to our existing schedule, whilst still working and taking care of our other needs and commitments.