High Paradise

With its unassuming air, understated beauty, and Mother Nature’s healing embrace, Alto Paraíso truly lives up to the meaning of its name - ‘High Paradise’.

Welcome to a world where trees and waterfalls outnumber humans, crystal-clear mountain streams beckon you, and the pterodactyl-like sound of birds captivates you.

Join us at our new home in paradise.

A gateway to the Unesco World Heritage site 'Chapada dos Veadeiros'

Entering Alto Paraíso is like stepping into a new world. A spaceship-shaped stone arch sits astride the main road that runs through Alto Paraíso, acting as an artery from Brasilia through to the northern-most limits of Goías state. 

Alto Paraíso is positioned at the centre of the highest plain in central Brazil, an area whose water catchment feeds much of the rest of Brazil. It’s a gateway to a Unesco World Heritage site – Chapada dos Veadeiros ('home of the reindeer'), that sits on an ancient plateau, 1.8bn years old.

The savannah grasslands of this area (known as Cerrado) are one of the oldest tropical ecosystems, and contain some of the richest biodiversity on the planet.


Some of the wildest and most dramatic scenery awaits you on any walk, drive or excursion. There are incredible trails to explore, all manner of water sports to enjoy, and waterfalls at every turn. 

According to NASA, Alto Paraíso is Earth’s brightest point, since it sits on one of the largest concentrations of quartz crystal in the world.

The crystal bedrock is interwoven with rivers that have cut deep gorges, as well as over four hundred waterfalls in the surrounding area. 

Your new home in paradise

A sanctuary of wellbeing

Yoga Shala

The Yoga shala is situated close to the chalés, in the thick of the woods, and looks out on to the majestic hills beyond.

Our fully equipped and spacious shala is available for classes, talks, evening activities and private, 1 to 1 sessions.


The restaurant at Ashiyana Brazil is located in the main building, perched at the top of the hill, and has spectacular views of our retreat land. 

We eat together in a cosy, family-style environment.

Rest Areas

In front of the restaurant and living area is a huge, wrap-around deck, which is the best area to hang out after a class, meal or excursion.

With fireplaces inside and out, the main house offers plenty of space for communality or intimacy, with bean bags, benches and chill-sofas all around.


Giving Back

Ashiyana Brazil includes 9ha of reclaimed pastureland, which is being developed into an Eco-Village that will comprise of a bio-forestry project (already underway) and various social projects to support local needs.

Whilst the wellbeing of our guests is of paramount importance, we are sure you will agree that supporting those less well off than ourselves is equally important.

Find out more about our global 'Giving' projects...

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