We have trails meandering through the whole of our magical 6Ha of retreat land. If you follow the main trail that traverses the land you’ll find various smaller trails that take you down to multiple swimming holes along our two beautiful rivers. One river comes from the famous Loquinhas waterfall, 1km up the valley to the east, and the other from Morrao to the north. They join to create the auspicious, ‘Passo Tempo’ where you’ll find a couple of incredible spots for swimming. You really won’t believe that we’re only 1.5km from town since we are so completely immersed in a tranquil and verdant forest.

Stretch out with your favourite book, sketch your next masterpiece, or simply doze in the hammock on your deck. Relax deeply as you listen to the soothing sounds of the multifarious birds, cicadas and the swaying palms and numerous other trees of this fantastically diverse region. Sip herbal tea and share stories with fellow guests as you look out from the deck of the main house over the incredible valley and hills beyond.