Chris is the founder of Ashiyana and BEST ME. In his early thirties he felt a strong urge to ‘slow his life down’ and thus dove headlong into Yoga, while also discovering its essence through Satsang and silent retreats with Satyananda. Through his time with Satyananda, he developed the trust to practice and teach what was innately within him rather than what other teachers were teaching. His main interest is Jnana Yoga, or knowing oneself at depth. It is this quest for depth of experience, which underlies the philosophy of Ashiyana – the invitation to come home to your own restful place within.

Chris travels between Ashiyana’s three centres in Goa, Brazil and Spain, and spends most of his time writing, speaking, coaching and teaching on Ashiyana’s BEST ME retreats and trainings. Chris still enjoys teaching slow, meditative Yoga classes, and has also created a couple of new forms of movement class - CaliYoga, which combines classical Hatha Yoga postures with Calisthenics; and 5 Elements, which takes you on a beautiful journey through the elements of nature accompanied by an evolving musical track.