Ashiyana BEST ME Coach Training - ‘The yoga teacher of the future’

with Chris, Tobie, Charlotte and other members of our wellbeing team

Spring 2025 - 150hr online, plus 50hr (1 week) module at our Goa centre

We are very excited to offer this training which has been seven years in the making. Chris, Tobie, Charlotte and others in the team have been discussing the need for a whole new approach to yoga teaching and coaching that meets the needs of today’s client. There are hundreds of thousands of yoga teachers, and multiple types of coach, but none of them are being trained to work in a way that embraces the whole of the human lifestyle. Yoga is the perfect system for today’s challenges, but it’s true expression has mostly been lost. Life is complex and stressful for so many of us these days, and there is a profound need for a support system which centres on holistic wellbeing experts who are both full of compassion and also supported by an on and offline ecosystem.

We have created a training that merges the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern therapeutic techniques and cutting edge science. We offer this as an on and offline course - 150hr online, plus a 50hr module at our Goa centre. This offline module will take the form of a practicum which allows us to assess you face to face and give the feedback and guidance that will ensure the best possible version of YOU as a coach.


Our vision is to offer a training that will create the Yoga teacher of the future. Yoga today is often little more than a physical workout, which poorly reflects its ancient origins as the art and science of living a healthy and fulfilling life. Yoga was conceived as a support system which embraces all areas of our lives - the mind & emotions, sleep & relaxation, nutrition, exercise & movement, relationships, nurturing surroundings, creativity, financial abundance, and spiritual growth.

We are reaching back to the past in order to create the future. In so doing, we envision our coaches offering a personalised service which is tailored to the specific goals and needs of each of their clients. This will involve the creation of a client’s personal wellbeing program (PWP) that involves a consideration of the whole of their lifestyle. Given our ambitious vision, we need teachers who are ready to partner with us and create an entirely new way of seeing health, happiness and longevity.

‘Only about 20% of health and longevity is dictated by genes, while about 80% is influenced by lifestyle and environment’ - Danish Twin Study



This is a training for 200hr and 300hr registered yoga teaches who have already recognised the need to offer a deeper, more holistic service to their clients. Given that our BEST ME ecosystem supports both our Ashiyana coaches and their clients, there is the opportunity for creating a far more abundant and enjoyable career as a wellbeing practitioner.

The philosophy of Ashiyana has always been to hold our staff and customers in a loving embrace. This means having empathy, great listening skills, and a passion for supporting others on their wellbeing journeys. If you have these essential qualities, then our course will provide you with the rest.



A client’s wellbeing goals and issues need to be considered from a holistic point of view and not through the lens of reductionist thinking which prevails today. For example, when considering weight loss, diet and exercise are essential components but there is also a mental/emotional element, and often root cause. The ability to embrace, and then maintain, changes in lifestyle is all about the mind and emotions, and this requires expert human support and guidance (as opposed to an AI bot).


BEST ME model -

Our training centres on understanding the fundamentals of behavioural change, specifically what enables and supports change. If your client wants to sustainably change their behaviour, whether this is calming their mind, alleviating joint pain, or managing a challenging relationship, then you will need to address their mind and emotions. It’s important to understand that what you think, feel and believe determines both what you attract, and also who you become. This is why we place so much importance on addressing calmness and clarity of mind in our coaching system.

Our BEST ME model underlies our coaching system - 

H - Become clear about heartfelt goals & intentions
O - Recognise the obstacles - limiting beliefs that stand in your way
P - Create lifestyle change through small, achievable steps
E - Become empowered by relaxing and living your purpose

The first step is to support your client in realising what they truly want to achieve in terms of goals and intentions. This is facilitated by online intake forms which will help your client to introspect and sense their deeper, heartfelt intentions. The next step is to assist your client in recognising what stands in the way of them achieving their goals - the obstacles. Specifically, they need to become aware of their limiting beliefs and repetitive patterns of behaviour. We all live predictable lives until we become cognisant of our ego mind - the program that was created in our early childhood. 

Belief shifts biology’ - Dr. Bruce Lipton

Once your client has clearly recognised the internal obstacles standing in their way, you can create a personalised program of support which guides them towards the best possible version of themselves. The most effective way to create sustainable change is a program of gentle, incremental steps - baby steps*. Your client’s personal wellbeing program (PWP) will therefore comprise of little, daily ‘Rituals’ which they are comfortably able to achieve, and which derive from our 9 Pillars of Wellbeing (see below under ‘Structure of the course’).

*Naturally there are times when big steps can be taken, or perhaps need to be taken. For example if a client is diabetic, extremely overweight, and chronically lethargic and depressed, then baby steps simply won’t cut. But in the main, manageable steps in a reasonable time will keep your clients motivated and willing to follow their PWP.

The final step is to guide your client towards the realisation that being relaxed will allow them to feel empowered. When empowered, your client will be ‘in their lane’ and living their life with purpose. This is the essence of BEST ME.


BEST ME platform -

While there are unquestionably significant issues with our dependency on today’s burgeoning digital world, there are also profoundly beneficial opportunities. We believe that the key is to design technology so that it catalyses and empowers the expert, human guidance and support. This way, there is synergy between the human and digital elements, and the overall offer is much greater than the sum of the parts. 

So once you’ve been trained in our unique approach to wellbeing you will work with your clients through our BEST ME platform. The platform has been designed around you, the coach, so you will be able to recommend your own products and services (as well as those of other practitioners) that you have created within our BEST ME ecosystem. This includes creating content for the ‘Library’ in the form of classes, talks and programs (online workshops and retreats); creating ‘Experiences’ - offline courses, retreats and trainings; and creating ‘Groups’ focussed on specific goals and issues which enable peer group support both on and offline. Apart from the integrity of you being able to offer excellent and personalised content to your client, this also means that you will have multiple profit centres with our ecosystem.


Since the majority of the course is in the form of an online training we will have regular assessments and coursework. During the one week practicum at the Goa centre, you will be regularly assessed for both your knowledge and your ‘bedside manner’ with clients.

  1. Introduction
    • Course overview
    • Our approach to coaching - including behavioural change, group coaching, and remote monitoring, challenges
    • The BEST ME ecosystem - a unique ecosystem of support for both client and practitioner
    • Introduction to the personal wellbeing program (PWP)
    • Gaia and the quantum view

  2. Modifiable lifestyle factors (9 pillars of wellbeing) 
    • Sleep, rest, relaxation, meditation and mindfulness - empowering mental and emotional wellbeing
    • Environment & surroundings (home, work, eco considerations)
    • Relationships
    • Self-care - including natural beauty, hygiene
    • Nutrition, detoxing and fasting - including food choices and eating patterns
    • Exercise, movement, posture, body image
    • Spirituality and growth
    • Creativity, hobbies and fun
    • Career and abundance - including fulfillment, financial security, and giving back

  3. The language of the body
    • Anatomy and physiology
    • Pathophysiology
    • Gut health, digestion and immunity - including stress response, chronic inflammation and coaching chronic conditions
    • Hormone balance
    • Energy and resilience
    • Biomarkers

  4. Coaching skills
    • Soft skills - empathy, compassionate listening, loving embrace, plan creation
    • Counselling skills - plan creation, therapeutic dialogue, CBT, NLP, emotional intelligence, resilience
    • Archetypes

  5. Resources 
    • Content creation - Library
    • Creating and marketing Experiences
    • Creating and facilitating Groups
    • BEST ME Career platform
    • CPD - Courses, trainings and work opportunities



Many years in conception, design and development, BEST ME is a unique proposition that combines the essential elements which support sustainable evolution in your client’s behaviour.

‘Optimising your wellbeing, and becoming the best possible version of yourself is all about taking responsibility for the gradual evolution in your behaviour across various areas of your lifestyle. Most products and services are either uninterested in, or simply incapable of supporting this. The challenge is complex and multi faceted, but there are a few key elements that are required to ensure that a wellbeing product or service really delivers value, and therefore creates sustainable behavioural change....’ - from Chris Nelson’s book, ‘BEST ME’

  • Expert and compassionate, human guidance and support
  • Programs personalised to client’s specific goals and needs
  • Designed to be truly holistic, and therefore able to support your client on all levels - mental, emotional and physical
  • A synergy between human and digital elements - a digital element that catalyses the human element
  • On and offline - real time community through courses, retreats and trainings is vital for empowerment and motivation 
  • The possibility for clients to meet with, collaborate with, and be inspired by, their peers
  • An overarching intention to support YOU, as well as your clients



The training will be led by Chris, Tobie and Charlotte, supported by our team of wellbeing experts.



  • €4,950 - EARLYBIRD, including 50hr module and accommodation at Goa centre (If booked within one month after initial inquiry)
  • €5,200 - FULL PRICE, including 50hr module and accommodation at Goa centre (If booked within one month after initial inquiry)
  • €4,350 - NON RESIDENCY* including 50hr module at Goa centre and three meals per day

Our prices are fully inclusive of tuition and a comprehensive course manual. Graduates will be given a certificate of graduation unless there are issues, in which case you will be asked to resit the relevant parts of the course.

For the 50hr module we highly recommend that you stay on site so that you can fully immerse yourself in the training and avoid unnecessary distractions. However there is a non-residential option, as shown above, if that suits you better. Contact us for more details.

A booking is effective once the 35% deposit has been paid. Balances are due 2 months before the start. If you wish to book we will send you an application form to complete which has all of the details that you need.

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