What are ‘Ashiyana Retreats’?

The idea for 'Ashiyana Retreats' has evolved from the success of our ‘Yoga Holidays’ at Ashiyana. We believe that these have proven to be so potent for our guests because they offer a unique and magical blend of elements - serene setting, beautiful accommodation, natural food, mindful movement and, most important of all, our loving embrace. These elements, combined, we call the ‘Ashiyana Experience’.

The 'Ashiyana Experience'

Our intention with Ashiyana Retreats then, is to bottle this magical formula and offer curated experiences, each with this same essence, but themed differently.

The retreats are designed to support you in becoming the best possible version of yourself, and at the deepest level this is through the invitation to relax and come home.

Our philosophy is all about dropping effort, and being in the flow.

You’re home.
Ashiyana is a Hindi word that means ‘home’, and everything that we offer is an invitation to relax and come home to your quiet, resting place within.

Serene Settings

  • Trips to areas of natural beauty and local, cultural interest – hikes, waterfalls, spice farms, local markets, shamanic practices, cacao ceremonies and more

  • Adventures and Activities – kite surfing, SUP, kayaking, volleyball, canyonning, ziplining, dolphin trips and more

Beautiful Accommodation

  • In each of our locations, the accommodation reflects an architectural theme of the country – in the case of Goa, our design has a distinctly Rajasthani flavour, and in Brazil the design was inspired by Bahian architecture


Natural Food

  • Healthy, nutritious and delicious buffet meals twice a day 
  • All day herbal tea and ginger lemon tea
  • Detox & Allergy options – Ayurveda, juice, vegetarian, raw, vegan
  • Nutritional Education – talks by nutritionist and printed information on bespoke nutrition
  • Silent meals – encouraging calm and mindful eating

Mindful Movement

  • Yoga – our primary offer
  • We also offer many other forms of conscious movement – Qi Gong, Shaking, Ecstatic Dance, Dynamic Meditations, Calisthenics and more
  • All that we offer is taught in a way that honours the needs of each individual, whether young, old, fit or injured
  • A subtle invitation to ‘feel’ rather than think

Loving Embrace

  • Opening & closing ceremonies 
  • Frequent sharing circles – coming together and expressing how we’re feeling within a non-judgmental setting
  • Philosophical talks e.g. – who am I beyond the body-mind?
  • Creative expression workshops
  • Guided meditations 


Giving is integral to our philosophy

There’s great wisdom in making sure that we ourselves are well; and once this is the case, we discover that we have a great desire to take care of others.

At Ashiyana, this means that we have an overriding concern for the welfare of our guests – we refer to this as holding them in a loving embrace. But we also believe in supporting those less well off than ourselves within our surrounding community, as well as supporting the health of our biosphere. 

We will give a % of the net profit of every Ashiyana Retreat to our Giving Back projects, which support local causes in the areas of our retreats.

Ashiyana Retreats

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BEST ME Retreat
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BEST ME Retreat

16 Jun 2024 to 23 Jun 2024 (1 week)

with Chris Nelson

BEST ME is our signature retreat, and offers a deep dive into our unique, Ashiyana 'World of Wellbeing'. Framed around the four steps of our BEST ME model, the retreat has been designed to inspire you to envision the best possible version of yourself. With our ongoing support once you're home, this will enable you to manifest your heartfelt dreams and unleash your natural capacity for health, fulfillment and longevity.

Instruction language: ENGLISH
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BEST ME Retreat (Goa)
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BEST ME Retreat (Goa)

Jan & Feb 2025

with Chris Nelson

Framed by two classes of yoga a day (dynamic morning session and gentler afternoon session), this retreat offers a deep insight into our BEST ME World of wellbeing™. Our signature retreat offers a series of interactive talks which begin with inspiring you to imagine and believe in the best possible version of yourself. This requires a consideration of the full gamut of your lifestyle - relaxation, sleep, nutrition, exercise, fun, relationships, career, creativity and abundance. We will then introduce you to our unique and powerful model - HOPE, which enables the alchemical process of BEST ME. Before you leave, we will ensure that you have a very clear plan of your next steps, once you return home. This will probably include sessions with one of our expert practitioners.

For many, BEST ME Retreat™ will be the perfect way to begin your journey with us as it is so inspiring and empowering, and gives you an overview of our BEST ME World of wellbeing™.

This retreat will be held in Goa.

Instruction language: ENGLISH