BEST ME Retreat

with Chris Nelson

Jan & Feb 2025 in Goa (India)


This is our signature retreat at Ashiyana as it offers a deep insight into our BEST ME on & offline World of Wellbeing. Chris and the team have been developing the BEST ME approach to wellbeing for almost a decade and we believe that what we’re offering in terms of a comprehensive wellbeing platform plus a suite of retreats and trainings at our centres in Goa, Brazil and Spain is completely unique. With this brand new retreat you are beginning a journey of inspiration and empowerment towards becoming the best possible version of YOU. This is truly a gift to yourself.

What is BEST ME?

BEST ME is a unique proposition that combines the essential elements which support you in optimising your wellbeing. It’s all about a gradual evolution in your behaviour across various areas of your lifestyle such as - mental and emotional wellbeing, sleep and relaxation, nutrition, exercise and movement, relationships, nurturing surroundings, creativity, financial abundance, and spiritual growth. There are a few key elements which are required to ensure sustainable behavioural change -

  • Compassionate and wise human guidance and support
  • Personalised to your specific goals and needs
  • Truly holistic across physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels
  • Digital element that catalyses and empowers the human element
  • Real time community through courses, retreats, trainings & gatherings BEST ME
  • Possibility to collaborate with, and be inspired by, your peers
  • Overarching intention to truly support YOU with compassion

The retreat

This retreat offers a deep dive into understanding the fundamentals of behavioural change, specifically what enables and supports you in creating permanent changes in your lifestyle. Whatever your goals and intentions, whether this is calming your mind, alleviating joint pain, or managing a challenging relationship, you will need to address your mind and emotions. It’s important to realise that what you think, feel and believe determines both what you attract, and also who you become. This is why we place so much importance on addressing calmness and clarity of mind.

Framed by two classes of yoga a day (dynamic morning session and gentler afternoon session), we will have a couple of interactive talks each day focusing on our BEST ME model -

H - Become clear about heartfelt goals & intentions
O - Master obstacles - limiting beliefs that stand in your way
P - Create lifestyle change through small, achievable steps
E - Become empowered by relaxing and living your purpose

The first step is to realise what you truly want to achieve in terms of goals and intentions. We will support you in introspecting so that you are able to sense your deeper, heartfelt intentions. The next step is to recognise and begin to transcend what stands in the way of you achieving your goals - the obstacles. Specifically, we will guide you in becoming aware of your limiting beliefs and repetitive patterns of behaviour. We all live predictable lives until we become cognisant of our ego mind - the program that was created in our early childhood.

Belief shifts biology’ - Dr. Bruce Lipton

Once you have acknowledged the internal obstacles standing in your way you can begin to create a personalised program of support which guides you towards the best possible version of yourself. The most effective way to create sustainable change is a program of gentle, incremental steps, or baby steps*. Your personal wellbeing program (PWP) will therefore comprise of little, daily ‘Rituals’ which you can add to your daily or weekly calendar. The final step is to recognise that being relaxed allows you to feel empowered. Once empowered, you will be ‘in your lane’ and living your life with purpose. This is the essence of BEST ME.

*Naturally there are times when big steps can be taken, or perhaps need to be taken. For example if a client is diabetic, extremely overweight, and chronically lethargic and depressed, then baby steps simply won’t cut. But in the main, manageable steps in a reasonable time will keep your clients motivated and willing to follow their PWP

What’s so unique about this retreat is that once you return home your journey has still only just begun. This is the retreat that never ends :) If you haven’t already, you will be able to select a coach that you want to work with who will guide you in creating and evolving your personal wellbeing program (PWP). They may also recommend that you work with other practitioners like a one to one yoga teacher or a meditation and breath work coach. The functionality that we offer on the platform is very comprehensive, including a dashboard with your PWP at-a-glance, exercise and meal plans, suggested retreats and trainings, Groups where you can meet with your peers who have similar goals and issues, and much more.

Is this retreat for you?

Life is complex and stressful for so many of us these days, and there is a profound need for more forms of support that guide us towards health and happiness. In order to optimise your health and happiness you will need to transmute some of your not-so-healthy habits into more positive, healthy ones that you can maintain. Whatever your goal or intention is, whether it’s to calm your mind, develop focus, clarify your life purpose, improve your relationships and feel more love, sleep better, improve your diet, lose some weight, have more energy, become fitter, ease your joint pain, deal with health issues, or create financial abundance, you will need support. All of us need this.

It’s hard to stay motivated regarding our goals, and to find the resilience to overcome the obstacles that stand in our way. The reason that almost all diets, health hacks, fads, and New Year’s resolutions don’t work, is because we’re not being properly supported in maintaining the new habits. Also, these new habits are often too demanding. This retreat has been designed by a team who have all struggled with their own health challenges and other obstacles. Because of this, and our passion for supporting others, we really understand how to support YOU in navigating your personal BEST ME journey :)

Sample daily schedule:

08:00Dynamic Yoga session
10:45Interactive talk - introduction to BEST ME World of wellbeing
14:15Free time
15:15Interactive talk - The 9 Pillars of Wellbeing
17:30Gentle Yoga session / Acroyoga
20:15Sharing circle, Music, Ecstatic dance, Yoga Nidra


Pricing and accommodation

€1,250 - 1,950 - EARLYBIRD - If booked within one month of initial inquiry
(Depending on room booked - Accommodation)

€1,550 - 2,250 - FULL PRICE - If booked after one month of initial inquiry
(Depending on room booked - Accommodation)

€850 - 1,350 - NON RESIDENTIAL*
* includes course, manual and three meals per day

Our prices are fully inclusive of retreat schedule, discounted membership for BEST ME platform, accommodation, food, and all of the facilities at Ashiyana Goa.

A booking is effective once the 35% deposit has been paid. Balances are due 2 months before the start. If you wish to book we will send you an application form to complete which has all of the details that you need.

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