BEST ME Retreat™

with Chris Nelson

26th Mar 2023 to 2nd Apr 2023 in Goa (India)

Framed by two classes of yoga a day (dynamic morning session and gentler afternoon session), this retreat offers a deep insight into our BEST ME World of wellbeing™. Our signature retreat offers a series of interactive talks which begin with inspiring you to imagine and believe in the best possible version of yourself.

This requires a consideration of the full gamut of your lifestyle - relaxation, sleep, nutrition, exercise, fun, relationships, career, creativity and abundance. We will then introduce you to our unique and powerful model - HOPE, which enables the alchemical process of BEST ME. Before you leave, we will ensure that you have a very clear plan of your next steps, once you return home. This will probably include sessions with one of our expert practitioners.

For many, BEST ME Retreat™ will be the perfect way to begin your journey with us as it is so inspiring and empowering, and also gives you an overview of our BEST ME World of wellbeing™.

Most people have a fairly good idea of what they want to achieve, and yet they constantly lose motivation, or lack the resilience to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way. Isn’t this the usual story with New Year’s resolutions? In order to optimise your health and happiness you will need to transmute some of your not-sohealthy habits into more positive, healthy ones that you can maintain. The reason that almost all diets, health hacks and fads don’t work, is because you’re not being properly supported to maintain the new habits. Also, these new habits, or what we call Rituals, are often too demanding. Sustainable behavioural change is not easy, and this is why we’ve created the BEST ME World of wellbeing™, to provide you with exactly the support that you need, when and how you need it.

We believe that without both human and digital support, on and offline, and which addresses the whole of your being - mentally, emotionally and physically, it’s almost impossible to become the best possible version of YOU. Perhaps most of all, we have observed that without expert human support, you simply won’t have the required information and guidance to navigate your journey. Our Ashiyana coaches who lead this retreat work according to our unique methodology, which we call HOPE -

H - clarify your heartfelt goals and intentions
O - understand the obstacles (within & without) standing in your way
P - develop a personalised plan that evolves with you
E - grow your capacity for empowered action

The HOPE model can be applied to any situation in life, large or small. It breaks down the processes that are required to meet any goal, challenge or intention. This will likely be an invaluable tool in your BEST ME journey.


Sample daily schedule:

08:00Dynamic Yoga session
10:45Interactive talk - introduction to BEST ME World of wellbeing™
14:30Free time
16:30Gentle Yoga session / Calisthenics / Zumba / Acroyoga
20:30Sharing circle, Music, Ecstatic dance, Yoga Nidra

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