Chris Nelson

Retreat Leader


Chris is a wellbeing entrepreneur, writer, speaker and yogi who has been exploring the world of holistic wellbeing for most of his adult life. In his early thirties, he clearly remembers wanting to ‘slow his life down’, and he dived headlong into Yoga. For many years he has been attending silent retreats with Satyananda, which has deeply informed his perspective on life.

In 2006 he created the world-renowned Ashiyana Yoga Retreat Centre in Goa, and last year opened its sister retreat centre in Brazil. His vision is to create a global wellbeing ecosystem, on- and offline, that supports guests on their path towards optimal wellbeing.

He published his first book, ‘Wake Up and SOAR’, in April 2016 (Watkins), and is currently writing a second book called, ‘Soul Surfing and The Circle of HOPE’, which offers a simple, yet potent, model for being in a deeply fulfilling state of flow.

Chris is passionate about empowering individuals to attract what they truly desire, and become the best possible version of themselves.

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