Group Classes, Private 1 to 1s & Consultations

from the comfort of your own home

We are pleased to offer a range of online services, accessible at flexible times that best suit you, from our homes to yours. Join us for live-streamed, group classes; deepen your practice with private tuition; consult our Ayurvedic Doctor for health and wellbeing advice; and enhance your wellbeing with our signature Holistic Yoga Therapy sessions.

Holistic Yoga Therapy

Co-create your own, personalised ‘wellbeing system’

Our signature treatment at Ashiyana. Through online, 1 to 1, Yoga-based therapy sessions, our expert therapists work with you to gain a deeper understanding of your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, to create a bespoke practice for you alongside nutritional and lifestyle advice.

Online HYT package includes three sessions:

  1. Initial consultation and introduction (60 mins)
  2. Full session with Yoga practice (90 mins)
  3. Follow up session (60mins)

Price: €120



Ayurvedic Consultations with Dr. Yamuna

Empower yourself with ancient medical wisdom

Gain deep insight into how your current lifestyle is impacting your health and wellbeing, with our Ayurvedic Doctor, Dr. Yamuna.

Ayurvedic Consultation (30 mins)

Following an in-depth, online consultation to understand your unique needs, Dr. Yamuna will provide you with dietary recommendations, lifestyle modifications and treatment options to address your specific health issues/concerns.

Price: €15

Ayurvedic Constitution (60 mins)

Determine your body constitution, or ‘prakriti’, and receive advice on the suitable diet, lifestyle and medicine choices that will bring you back into balance, tailored just for you.

Price: €45


1 to 1 Private Tuition

Online guidance with our expert teachers

Learn new meditation techniques or how to expand your breath with pranayama, explore therapeutic practices for stress, tension & trauma release, or work on a particular aspect of your Yoga practice through private, online tuition with our highly experienced teachers.

Private Yoga

Whether you are new to Yoga and wish to gain a better understanding of the basics, or would like to explore a particular asana, be safely guided online with our experienced Yoga teachers.

Price: €30 (60 mins) | €45 (90 mins)

Private Meditation

Meditation has enormous benefits for the body, mind and spirit. Learn how to incorporate this powerful spiritual practice into your life through guided, online 1 to 1 sessions with one of our expert teachers.

Price: €25 (60 mins) | €35 (90 mins)

Private Pranayama (Breathwork)

Experience the power of your full breath and explore some of the various breathwork techniques used for cleansing, purification and rebalancing, under the online guidance of our experienced teachers.

Price: €25 (60 mins) | €35 (90 mins)

Stress Pattern Release with Arianne

Discover and release habitual patterns that no longer serve you, and rebuild your emotional, mental and physical health through various techniques like - tremor releasing, energetic rebalancing, constellation work and belief repatterning. 

This is highly recommended for all, particularly those dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, burn out, interpersonal relationship issues and psychosomatic aches and pains.

Price: €45 (90 mins)

Emotional Trauma Release with Tapashi

Online, guided trauma-release sessions with Tapashi will help you to let go of subconscious patterns, long-held tensions, emotions and trauma through different techniques. Emotional release can be a painful process for some, and it often takes time to reprogramme the subconscious memories. Tapashi makes sure that you are supported in the process. These online sessions require active participation from the client, and are complemented by follow-up exercises.

€ 60 (Initial session - 90 mins)
€ 45 (Follow-up sessions - 60 mins)

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