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Dearest friends, 

We hope that you are all safe, in good health, and finding new ways to make the best that you can out of these new, uncharted times that we find ourselves in. You have very much been in our minds and our hearts these past few weeks, as we have navigated through the temporary closing of both of our retreat centres, and our staff and teachers travelled back to their respective homes, where this was possible.

There are few places left on our planet right now that aren’t in some way impacted by COVID-19. Whilst, on a global scale, we are together in our collective experience of these turbulent and uncertain times, on an individual basis, the effect that this pandemic is having on us varies greatly.

Whether you have newfound space to pause and slow down, or, like for many, life has now increased in its pressure and intensity, the lack of control and imposed isolation can be very challenging. Now, more than ever, we need to be focussing on looking after the wellbeing of both ourselves and others, from a place of love and compassion.  

What unifies us all – our Ashiyana Community – is our Yoga practice. Whilst we may not presently be able to share and practice together in our beautiful homes of Goa or Brazil, we are so pleased to be able to share with you our new Online Shala, which enables us to stream live classes direct to you, in your home.

Ashiyana Online Shala – live streamed classes

Our online classes include Yoga, Ecstatic Shaking and Dance, and Qi Gong.

Classes are streamed live on Zoom, and accessible for all. We offer each class on a donation basis (suggested donation amount is £5 - £7 per class), if you have the means to help support our teachers and business.

For those of you currently experiencing financial hardship, you are very much welcome to join us for free.

Donations can be made on Paypal here:

CLASS SCHEDULE : 18 May - 14 June

All classes are between 45 and 60 minutes

All timings are in GMT+1 (UK Time Zone)

DAYDATES9:00am 5:00pm
MONDAY18 May, 25 May, 1 Jun, 8 Jun

'Ecstatic Shaking' with Lalita


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TUESDAY19 May, 26 May, 2 Jun, 9 Jun

'Planting the Seeds'
with Arianne

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'Flowing into Bliss'
with Anne-Lauren

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WEDNESDAY20 May, 27 May, 3 Jun, 10 Jun

'Yin Yang Flow' with Gianni

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'A Mindful Moment' with Tobie

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THURSDAY21 May, 28 May, 4 Jun, 11 Jun

'Movement Medicine' with Tapashi

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'Yoga Qi Flow' with Marco

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FRIDAY22 May, 29 May, 5 Jun, 12 Jun

'Hatha Vinyasa' with Yam

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SATURDAY23 May, 30 May, 6 Jun, 13 Jun

'Hatha Flow' with Pip

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SUNDAY24 May, 31 May, 7 Jun, 14 Jun

'Hatha Fusion Yoga' with Alicia

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Your home away from home, online

Our teachers stream their classes live from their homes to yours, and whilst this may not be from a professional studio setting, we like to think that this instead further characterises our ethos at Ashiyana – that we meet you where you are, we create a space for us all to share authentically and openly, and, as always, we hold you in our nurturing, loving embrace.

Isolation does not need to mean disconnection.  We are very much enjoying this different way to share and connect with you, and hope you continue to join us online!

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With love always,

The Ashiyana Family xxx

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