Yoga & kite surfing

Goa is becoming a popular destination for kitesurfing, and there’s nothing quite so wonderful as surfing the waves, followed by a mindful session of Ashiyana Yoga.

The wind and waves are best in February and March for experienced kite surfers, but for beginners and less experienced kite surfers the gentle sea that prevails for much of the rest of the season is just perfect.

Goa is famous for its endless expanse of beaches, and Mandrem beach is without doubt one of the most beautiful and unspoilt of all. Dolphins abound in the area, and the sunrises and sunsets are breath taking. There is something rather magical about combining water sports with Yoga. There is the beautiful balance of Yin (softer, more female energy) and Yang (more dynamic, male energy), together with the embrace of all of Mother Nature’s elements - earth, fire (the sun), water, air and spirit.

It’s becoming very evident that the top athletes who also practice Yoga enjoy much longer, and relatively injury-free careers. The health-giving and healing power of Yoga has of course been known for millennia, but sportspeople, including surfers and kite surfers are increasingly realising the synergistic benefits of these earth and water-based practices. Kelly Slater, eleven times world surf champion, has just won his eighth ‘Pipe Masters’ victory and his 56th career title just before his 50th birthday. Kelly has been a keen Yoga practitioner for many years, and attributes his success and long career to his fitness, flexibility and wellbeing regimen.


Sample daily schedule:

08:30Dynamic Yoga session
10:45Free time
14:30Free time
16:30Gentle Yoga session / Calisthenics / Zumba / Acroyoga
20:30Sharing circle, Music, Ecstatic dance, Yoga Nidra

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