Vibrant aliveness - immune boost

This program will enable you to learn how to turbo charge your immune system, naturally, and feel vibrantly alive.

Our health and wellbeing is significantly down to the health of our immune system, and the health of our immune system is predominantly a matter of ensuring the health of our microbiome. Both inside and out, our bodies harbour a huge array of micro-organisms. Microbiome is the term used to describe all the genes contained within these micro-organisms. Within our body we have a microbiome occupying our gut, and externally we have a microbiome found in our skin. This outer surface creates the first layer of protection against harmful viruses for example, as well as diseases like skin cancer.

So if we have a sub-optimal lifestyle and mindset, as is probably the case for many of us given the last two years, then our microbiome is out of balance, and our immunity is suppressed. When our microbiome falls out of balance we are liable to becoming sick, and our immune system goes all out to redress balance. The symptoms of sickness are actually the language of the body informing us that we need to pay closer attention to what we’re consuming and how we’re treating ourselves.

Vibrant aliveness, and also supporting our natural healing capacity when we are not well, are a matter of supporting our magical microbiome, and that is what this program is all about.

Programmechevron_right7 Nights14 Nights21 Nights
Accommodation7 nights14 nights21 nights
Daily Inclusions
(Choose from Aromatherapy massage / combined massage / Swedish body massage / Thai Massage / Foot Reflexology)
Immunity Booster Personalized Diet Plan111
Consultation with Ayurvedic Doctor111
Active Mediation Session--1
Metabolic test - RMR111
Pranayama & Meditation Session123
Personal Yoga Sessions123
Nasyam Therapy (nasya)111
Colon Therapy111
Herbal Enemas11-
Zen Shiatsu Massage-11
Deep tissue Masage-12
Abhyanga Massage112
Functional Training Session12-
Herbal bath - Steam-1-

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