Self Awareness Retreat, Yoga & beyond

with Carol Issa

19th Mar 2023 to 26th Mar 2023 in Goa (1 week)

8 days of summer during winter, in a little paradise by the beach in Goa, India

Carol Issa is a devoted Spiritual teacher, therapist, practitioner, holding & creating safe nurturing spaces for Self-initiation, healing & growth; since 2010.

Each of her retreats evolve around the experience of a specific theme. Some of her latest retreats: “Trust in uncertain times, Art of keeping Grace in Transitions, Self love, Presence, Keeping Up & Letting go, Intimacy, the 5 obstacles of the mind to happiness” etc.

This is the 9th retreat in ashiyana, goa; her retreats offer a safe space to dive deeper into inner work, your needs, healing and desired intentions; in order to reach your highest potential, while providing tools & habits, enhancing a new way of living & being able to relate fully to life. It is also a chance to deepen your personal Yoga practice & knowledge, while relaxing and sharing quality time with a mindful heart centered community.

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More about Carol:

IG: with_carolissa


Daily schedule:

Morning 08:00Meditation, mantras & Dharma talk (scriptures / philosophy / psychology / mastery of the mind & Jivamukti Yoga (Ashtanga vinyasa)
Around 11:00Brunch
AfternoonFree time (beach, shopping, stroll, rest)
16:30Practice of kundalini yoga / shamanism / healing / self inquiry practices

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