Kamarupa Retreat

with Todd Tesen and Susanna Harwood Rubin

21st Jan 2024 to 28th Jan 2024 in Goa (1 week)

Kama means desire.
Rupa means shape.
Kamarupa means the shape of your desire.

Join us in the jungles and oceans of Goa this January 2024 for our third annual Kamarupa Retreat with Susanna and Todd at the beautiful Ashiyana Retreat Center. We will spend the week diving deeply into the many practices of yoga from the overt to the sublime, from yoga asana to meditation, pranayama, mantra, mudra, and puja.

Todd and Susanna have been spending time together in India since 2008, and are delighted to celebrate this deep connection by sharing their experience and love of India with you. We all engage in our yogic practices to empower ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. Learn new practices that will shift your yoga and your life. Practice your yoga in the company of an amazing community in an equally exquisite setting. Learn tools to manifest your life’s desire.

About Us

Susanna Harwood Rubin is a lifelong yoga and meditation student and teacher. She is passionate about sharing the empowering traditional practices of mudra, mantra, pranayama, and myth. Combining her life as a writer, yoga teacher, and artist, she delights in helping people access their self-expression, through yoga and writing. Susanna is the author of Yoga 365:Daily Wisdom for Life On and Off the Mat, and is the creator of Embodied Writing. Susanna believes in the power of art and creativity to heal and to inspire, and believes that everyone has a story waiting to be told.

Todd Tesen has been a student of yoga and meditation for his entire adult life. Known for his sense of humour, a soulful steadiness and the easy manner of his teaching style, Todd is also respected as the teacher who will challenge the student to linger in the depths of breath and body. Todd teaches that depth of practice comes little by little, again and again. Embodying serious support with detailed instruction, Todd’s teaching extends a constant invitation to the underlying philosophy, art and science that is Yoga.

Todd and Susanna share and teach in a South Indian Shrividya tradition. They have taught together for many years in the US, Europe, and India. Their spiritual home is in Chidambaram, at the great Nataraja and Thillai Kali Temples.



Eco Lodge Single: $ 2375
Eco Lodge Shared: $ 2040
Palm Grove Shared: $ 2120

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