Experiences at Ashiyana Brazil

For 15 years we’ve been evolving our menu of Ashiyana Experiences - a unique blend of retreats, holidays and trainings that have been designed to support YOU on your personal wellbeing journey. All of our Experiences are like ‘the retreat that never ends’, since we have a whole online support system in place once you return home - Ashiyana online, also known as BEST ME.

We welcome you to join us for the wellbeing experience of a lifetime at your home away from home. Allow us to hold you in our warm and loving embrace.

During your stay

Flexibility to follow your intuition

With our unique wellbeing Experiences at Ashiyana Brazil, enjoy the tranquil, natural beauty of our surroundings, the eclectic, healthy cuisine, and the gorgeous accommodation.

There’s a wide range of wellbeing Experiences including just hanging out with us on a holiday. Nothing beats finding that perfect, shady spot amongst the abundant flora and fauna to unwind, relax and just be. Let your days simply unfold from moment to moment.

Whichever Experience you choose, enjoy our drop-in Yoga, pranayama and meditation classes, optional private tuition with our expert teachers, rejuvenating massages, Ayurvedic treatments and evening activities.

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All of our Experiences at Ashiyana Brazil include:


An eclectic mix including ‘shabby-chic’ beach huts, wooden tree houses, rooms with breath taking river views, and luxury rooms sumptuously furnished with antique Rajasthani furniture.


Famous for our food, we offer a fusion of east and west including Indian, Nepalese and Thai specialities, as well as cold-pressed juices, raw food yumminess and to-die-for healthy desserts.


More a quality of mind more than it is a style of Yoga - it’s all about offering our guests a safe and nurturing space where they can sense inwardly, and move mindfully.

Evening Activities

Our evening activities might be gently invigorating or relaxing, whatever the case, they invite introspection and easing of the body-mind, which are central to the ‘Ashiyana Experience’.

Additional workshops

Our workshops are created to focus on specific elements of your journey to optimal wellbeing, and therefore allow for more individual care and attention than is possible in most classes


Our water in the restaurant is lovingly filtered, and we offer masala chai, lemon and ginger, lemon grass and other teas 24hrs a day. Can’t resist the caffeine urge? Sorted ;)

Daily schedule of additional activities

○ 08.00 – 08.30am:  Meditation & Pranayama

☼ 08.30 – 10.00am:  Morning Yoga Class

☾ 20.15 – 21.15pm:  Evening activity

* Activities vary throughout the week - Guided Meditations / Chanting / Music / Yoga Nidra / Satsang / Restorative Yoga / Qi Gong

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Additional Yoga services

Private Yoga Classes

Explore new meditation techniques, learn how to control your breath with Pranayama or work on a particular aspect of your Yoga practice through private tuition with our experienced teachers.


A specialised cleansing and detoxification process that will improve your digestion, strengthen your metabolism and restore your body’s innate healing ability. Panchakarma is beneficial for all - whether you are currently feeling out of balance or experiencing a particular ailment/illness that you would like to address, or simply wish to undertake this preventative measure for ageing and potential future ill health.

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