James Cassidy

James discovered living life through yoga almost 20 years ago and has been teaching for the past decade. He sees yoga less as a ‘work out’ and more of a ‘work in’, utilising the physical practice to journey within and bring balance and harmony to the whole ‘bodymind’. James’s teaching style is focused but compassionate and non dogmatic. He draws on a variety of styles, including traditional hatha, vinyasa flow and yin, incorporating the body, mind and breath into a meditative flow. James's teaching begins on the mat but it is his aim that students will incorporate what they experience and learn in their everyday life; embodying yoga in their thoughts, communications and actions. In addition to his Yoga Alliance EYRT 500 certification James has completed his advanced Yin certification with Norman Blair and his 200 hr certification in kirtan leadership with Nikki Slade. His path of yoga has also been enriched with the study and practice of Buddhism, including Vipassana, Tibetan Mahayana and Zen, including a month long study at Kopan Monastery in Nepal. As well as being a guide for others he also reminds himself that he is a lifelong student of yoga; like an instrument requires regular tuning to provide a harmonious sound.