Yoga Retreat in Goa

Iyengar® Yoga Holiday - Beginners & Intermediate Modules with Matthias Kärcher and Anika Gehlert

From 2 til 16 Feb 2020

Individual Modules for Beginner and Intermediate Level from 7 to 10 to 14 days

We are two Iyengar® Yoga teachers from Germany, Matthias (Berlin) and Anika (Stuttgart). Our retreat will guide you through your practice with understanding and patience yet with the spirit to help you change your habits in body posture and way of thinking. 

Iyengar® Yoga is Art, Science and Philosophy and its effect extends to all levels of human life: the Physical, Mental and Emotional.

Iyengar® Yoga is known for its precise and subtle practice of postures (Asana) and breathing exercises (Pranayama) in considerable various sequences.


Organiser: Matthias Kärcher and Anika Gehlert 

Dates: 02 Feb 2020 - 09 Feb 2020  (Beginners Week)
09 Feb 2020 - 16 Feb 2020  (Intermediate Week)

There is option to stay from 7 to 10 to14 days

Location: Goa, India


Yoga Course from € 490 - € 890

Accommodation from € 56 - € 165 per person / day

A glimpse of your day-to-day

The student stays a good amount of time in the yoga positions. Thereby having the opportunity to learn in constant self-reflection and development, the depth and mode of practice.

The aim of the precise physical alignment and the longer time frame can be achieved by the use of props that fit to the practitioner's respective opportunities and requirements.  Iyengar® Yoga is, therefore, practical for everyone.

The retreat language is German!

For other info or booking, please fill out the form below to contact Matthias and Annika.

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