Lead Teacher

Born and raised in Denmark Cam always found herself seeking adventure, travelling to explore different cultures and challenging the comfort of home. When in Copenhagen she was riding high on the career path trying to balance a work life in the hectic (but creative) entertainment industry, sewing costumes, and teaching yoga. She soon realized that something needed to be set free, for the passion of yoga needed more attention. It might not make empirical sense, but this was the calling. She is now a 900+ hour yoga teacher and is currently unfolding her creative self (and dreams) through the creation and running of KAILO. With training ranging from alignment based Iyengar yoga, to soul-searching Bhakti yoga, Cam finds herself teaching wholesome classes with encouragement to explore your mental and physical edges, that serves beautifully to introduce you to your best and most brilliant self. Cam is dedicated to offer classes that balance the sweetness of inner as well as outer work, shedding light on our individual hidden treasures.