There are hundreds of hectares of wild, forested land for you to discover. Numerous trails begin close to the centre and criss cross the mountains and valleys all around us. You’ll discover rivers, waterfalls, ancient Roman bridges, medieval churches and chapels, a Buddhist monastery, and the famous, ancient La Riba church spire projecting out of the Sau reservoir. You could spend weeks here and never walk the same trail!

At Ashiyana we believe that relaxing deeply, and coming home to yourself, is the most important aspect of retreating with us. Ashiyana is an Indian word that means safe ‘home’; in Farsi it means ‘nest’. Our intention is to hold you in a loving embrace, and part of this is provided for by the stunning and majestic scenery that surround us.

One of the first landmarks you’ll notice as you drive through the mountains to reach us, is the Sau reservoir, and the huge dam that holds it back, thus providing water and electricity to the three million inhabitants of Barcelona and the surrounding area.