Awakening Through Trauma Retreat

with Keli Carpenter

07th Jun 2024 to 12th Jun 2024 in Spain (5 days)

Why this retreat? Why should you embark on this Healing Journey with us? Why would you want to come and meet the parts you’d rather avoid, hide or stuff down?

Because what is left unhealed repeats and what we resist persists!

We came here with a karmic contract and divine purpose; we are here to love and be loved without condition.

The path to dismantling our barriers to love is a process of meeting that which we try to avoid. The obstacle is the way. The only way out is through.

We’ll use Mantra Meditation, Conscious Breathwork, Intuitive Movement, Somatic Processing, and Conscious Community as sacred tools to meet and integrate our stress, pain and trauma. You will discover that these challenges are the divine steppingstones to your conscious evolution and awakening.

It's time to remember who you are. So that you can live the life you came here to live.


Sample of daily schedule:

07:00Sunrise meditation
21:00Evening Meditation/Sacred Silence (optional)


About Us

Keli Carpenter

Keli is no stranger to mind, body and spirit awareness, having been introduced to transcendent meditation at 6 years old. With well over 20 years experience, Keli is a Chopra Certiļ¬ed Transcendent Meditation Teacher (PSM®), Breathwork Facilitator and Trainer, Conscious Relationship, Parenting and Uncoupling Coach. She has studied with Gabor Maté, spoken along side Peter Levin and Deepak Chopra. Keli is the founder of “The Other Side of Average– Therapy for the Soul and The TOSA Method.

Keli’s goal is to help conscious souls learn and master the three most essential tools that help align you with your soul’s purpose — your essential nature and the truest expression of yourself — all whilst healing and transcending past resentments and stories that have kept you stuck and in pain. It's then that you experience the miracles and fulfilment of life in every moment (especially during life’s inevitable obstacles).


Pricing and accommodation

Early Bird: 2,999$ / 2,740€ until the end of February (paid in full)
Full price: 3,350$ / 3,060€

*all prices are based on two people sharing a twin/double room; all our rooms have en-suite bathrooms.

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