BEST ME Retreat ⋆

with Chris Nelson

20th Oct 2024 to 27th Oct 2024 in Brasil


Chris and the Ashiyana team have been developing the BEST ME approach to wellbeing for almost a decade. It is based on 18 years of observation and research at our centres, plus extensive experience of one to one coaching away from the centres. This retreat element is designed to be inspiring and empowering, enabling you to truly believe in a new vision of YOU that simply needs to be brought into reality.

What is BEST ME?

BEST ME is a unique on and offline wellbeing system that supports you in becoming the best possible version of yourself. It’s all about supporting a gradual evolution in your behaviour across multiple areas of your lifestyle - mind and emotions, sleep and relaxation, nutrition, exercise and movement, relationships, nurturing surroundings, creativity, financial abundance, and spiritual growth. 

Our research has revealed that there are several elements which are required to create long term change in your lifestyle habits; or what is called ‘sustainable behavioural change’:

  • Compassionate and wise human guidance and support
  • A program personalised to your specific goals and needs
  • An holistic approach - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
  • An offline element comprising retreats, trainings & gatherings 
  • A digital element that supports and catalyses the human element
  • The possibility to collaborate with, and be inspired by, your peers

There is one further, magical ingredient to ensure that the support we provide is potent and truly felt by you - that we hold you in a loving embrace - before, during, and after the retreat.

We will explore the fundamentals of behavioural change, and specifically what enables and supports you in creating permanent change in your lifestyle. Whatever your goals and intentions, whether they be calming your mind, alleviating joint pain, or managing a challenging relationship, you will need to address your mind and emotions. This is because what you think, feel and believe determines both what you attract, and also who you become. Hence why we place so much importance on addressing calmness and clarity of mind.

The retreat is designed to both challenge and empower you, so that at times you may feel uncomfortable, and at other times exhilarated and inspired. While there will be workshops and activities throughout much of the day, there are other, key lifestyle elements which are equally important - sleep, movement, rest and relaxation, alone time, good nutrition and so on. The workshops will cover the four steps of the BEST ME model:

H - Heart: Become clear about your heartfelt goals & intentions
O - Obstacles - master the limiting beliefs that stand in your way
P - Pillars of wellbeing - lifestyle change through small, achievable steps
E - Empowered action: learn the secret to calming your mind & emotions

The first step is to realise what you truly want to achieve in terms of goals and intentions. We will guide you through a process of introspection so that you are able to sense your deeper, heartfelt intentions.

The second step is to recognise, and begin to transcend, what stands in the way of you achieving your goals - your limiting beliefs and repetitive patterns of behaviour. We all live predictable lives until we become cognisant of our ego mind.

The third step is to create a personalised program of support which guides you towards the best possible version of yourself. The most effective way to create sustainable change is a program of small, incremental steps, or baby steps.

The final step is to recognise that calmness of mind, and therefore feeling relaxed, is your highest state. Through various exercises, all based around the powerful tool, SOAR, you will discover how to access your own personal ‘island of calm’ where - all is well, you recognise what you truly want (in this moment / your overall purpose) you feel empowered, and you therefore make wise lifestyle choices.

What’s so unique about this retreat is that once you return home your journey has only just begun, because this is the retreat that never ends :) Through our BEST ME App you can now select a coach that you want to work with who will guide you in creating and evolving your personal wellbeing program. BEST ME App is very comprehensive, offering: a display of your daily Rituals; links to the Library for classes, talks and programs; Retreats and trainings; and a Goals & Metrics section where you can track your progress.


Is this retreat for you?

Life seems to have become ever more stressful, and it’s increasingly hard to make healthy lifestyle choices. Optimising your health and wellbeing has become complicated, and this is not helped by the conflicting views and reports in the media as well as the abundance of one-size-fits-all solutions.

Whether you're looking to calm your mind, sleep better, lose some weight, or create financial abundance, you will need support. This support needs to be personalised to your specific goals and needs. Without this it can be very challenging to maintain healthy, new habits, because it’s hard to stay motivated and to find the resilience to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way. The reason that almost all diets, health hacks, fads, and New Year’s resolutions don’t work is because we don’t stick to them; and this is generally because we’re not being properly supported and/or because these new habits are too demanding. 

This retreat has been designed by a team who have all been through their own wellbeing challenges. This, and our immense passion for supporting others, means that we really understand how to support YOU in navigating your personal BEST ME journey.

If the words above resonate with you, then it’s likely that this retreat is for you :)


Sample daily schedule:

08:00Dynamic Yoga session
10:45Interactive talk - introduction to BEST ME World of wellbeing
14:15Free time
15:15Interactive talk - The 9 Pillars of Wellbeing
17:30Gentle Yoga session / Acroyoga
20:15Sharing circle, Music, Ecstatic dance, Yoga Nidra


Pricing and accommodation

Sharing: €1500 in a shared room* (€500 supplement for luxury room sharing)
Single: €2250 for single occupancy (€500 supplement for luxury room single)

*Two people sharing a twin/double room; all our rooms have en-suite bathrooms.
Discounts available for those in financial difficulty.

Our prices are fully inclusive of retreat schedule, accommodation, 2 large buffet meals a day, and all of the facilities at Ashiyana Brasil.

A booking is effective once the 35% deposit has been paid. Balances are due 2 months before the start of the retreat. Fill in the contact form below for more information and to book your place (we’ll send an application form to complete plus all of the retreat information that you need).

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