The Ashiyana Yoga Retreat Village in Goa first opened its bridge entrance in December 2006. Since then it has hosted many thousands of guests on retreats, holidays and yoga teacher trainings. It has grown to become what Asia Spa Magazine call "Goa's most comprehensive yoga centre", and the New York Times refers to as "The go-to spot for herbal healing and rejuvenation...earns top marks among yoga enthusiasts".

Ashiyana is a Hindi word meaning restful home for your body and soul, and it is indeed our intention that our guests feel like they are in their 'home away from home'. Ashiyana blends elements of a luxury Asian resort with a boho-chic vibe, set amidst the natural verdant beauty of its tropical landscape and beachside setting. The slow-paced Goan vibe and a laid-back family-feel allow our guests to gently unwind and release their mental, emotional and physical tension.

Our new sister Village in Alto Paraiso, Brazil, will open in 2019. In the high planes of central Brazil, Alto is famous for its waterfalls, 200 million year old rock formations and abundance of crystals. The nearby "Chapada Dos Veadeiros" is a Unesco World Heritage site, and NASA say that the region glows from space due to its vast bedrock of crystals.

Chris, the founder of Ashiyana, has long held the vision of a global wellbeing support system. Ashiyana, is the off-line element of this wellbeing ecosystem, and in early 2018 the on-line element - SOAR App - will go live in London, and thence expand globally.

In his book "Wake Up and SOAR", Chris explains his philosophy that we are all able to be the masters of our own wellbeing, and in order to achieve this we need to nurture a supportive attitude and lifestyle. His hope, therefore, is that many people will be able to benefit from the Ashiyana/SOAR ecosystem, in order to optimize their wellbeing.