The Authentic Man - the Journey of a Hero

with Roberto Caiti

05th May 2024 to 12th May 2024 in Spain (1 week)

This retreat is designed and created especially for men. Each participant will go through the stages that a human being is called upon to go through during 'life' in order to make one's journey unique and above all authentic. In particular, the retreat is created for all men who want to rediscover their essence, balancing their masculine and feminine aspects, in the eternal dance of duality that represents us as human beings in this manifest world and in the entire universe.

A men's circle takes place through an exchange that can include different topics: couple relationships, sexuality, relationships with children, work etc. The topics will be decided from time to time by the person leading the circle or by the participants as a whole.

In addition to the use of words, different practices can be used: yoga, meditation, reading of texts, creative moments, music, dance, rituals but also moments of simple sharing, such as a meal or a moment of leisure. The choice of tools and activities depend on the interest of the participants and the skills of those leading.

Circles of conscious men are circles of men who follow the Circle Practice model based on 3 pillars: Deep Listening, Judgment Transformation and Personal Responsibility.

We men gather in circles to improve our relationship with ourselves and, consequently, to improve our relationship with the feminine universe, with our children, with our family and with the entire universe. We men gather in a circle to change our lives and to change the world.

The circle is a training in non-violent empathic communication and a place to experience the new world.

When we come into a circle, we enter a protected space in which to let desires, emotions and needs emerge through deep listening and transforming judgment.

When we are in a circle, the assertive self becomes the protagonist of authentic communication. It becomes easier in such a container to take off our armour and manifest our essence.

By observing what lies beneath the emotions we can recognize our needs and desires.


Sample of daily schedule:

07:30-08:30Morning Practice
18:00-19:30Men’s circle
21:00-21:45Evening Activity


About Roberto Caiti

Yoga Master, Creator of the “RC Zen Yoga” method, Shiatsu Therapist, Spiritual Coach, Health Coach, Couples Facilitator, Wedding Celebrant, Director of the Policrea Holistic Centre, Passionate Traveller, Multitasking Man, Spiritual Researcher and in the field of bio-natural disciplines, passionate about languages, cooking, ayurveda and everything related to the holistic well-being of the person, but above all a HUMAN being.

This is just my job’s formal definition. The truth is, my birth took place in Australia. Not my biological birth, which brought me into this world under the Emilia sun. No, my Australian birth brought me face to face with my first struggles, love, my longing to excel, to challenge myself, and the acknowledgment that Yoga asanas would provide me with the connecting link to my darker side, enabling me to face them in a lifelong quest of self-discovery. That’s how I became a Yoga Instructor.

Then, one day, the time came when I reached out to the Other: a hand that reaches out toward my fellow human being, feeling his Energy, expanding my sensations through experience, and practicing a higher form of mutual meditation. That’s how I became a Shiatsu Therapist.

Yoga, Shiatsu and all the tools acquired and then donated in synergy with everything, are my being, humanly and professionally, listening through the other person’s energy, listening as a gift to share. My way of providing my services to improve other people’s lives through the authenticity of which I am capable.


Pricing and accommodation

Early Bird

Regular room:

  • 1,350 euros for sharing*
  • 1,800 euros for single occupancy

Lux Suite (two available):

  • 1,700 euros for sharing*
  • 2,350 euros for single occupancy 


Full Price

Regular room:

  • 1,500 euros for sharing*
  • 1,950 euros for single occupancy

Lux Suite (two available):

  • 1,850 euros for sharing*
  • 2,500 euros for single occupancy 

*all prices are based on two people sharing a twin/double room; all our rooms have en-suite bathrooms.

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