The remembering

with Asha Natalija

10th Apr 2024 to 14th Apr 2024 in Spain (4 days)

Remember. Remember who you are. Can you remember why you came here and why you chose that particular moment in history? Oh, what a time to be alive on planet Earth! Your bravery brought you here, and your soul, your higher self, guides you closer to who you were meant to be in this lifetime.

You are being invited to step into the safe oasis where you’ll be able to explore your true being beyond identification, beyond any concept or idea you have about yourself – and beyond what you can possibly imagine. The goal of the “Remembering” retreat is that you align yourself with the forgotten, lost parts of yourself and integrate them into your daily life. Only the ones who truly remember who they are can walk through life's obstacles with grace and peace in their heart.

Prepare for the journey back home. You’ll come across your inner gifts through practices such as intuitive movement, embodied dance, breathwork, meditation, reiki energy healing, nature immersion, cacao ceremony, and poetry. The “Remembering” retreat is held in a supportive community - each and every one of us will co-create the healing space where all of us can let go of what no longer serves us and dance with our true essence.

Everything you long for already rests inside of you. Remember. Remember. Join The “Remembering.”


Example of Daily Schedule:

08:30Stretching & Mindful Movement
10:30Morning Workshop with Asha (Breathwork, Somatic Practice, Lecture, Reiki)
17:00Cacao Ceremony & Creative Workshop with Vivi
20:00Sharing Circle, Storytelling, Q&A


About Us

Asha (Leader)

For as long as I can remember I felt so much around me that the world was overwhelmingly fast, bright, loud, and chaotic. As a highly sensitive empath I felt everything in a culture that didn't have room for feeling. And as probably for many of us those moments of darkness and fear are the breakthrough opportunities to truly step onto the self discovery journey. This pivotal moment sparked my search for wholeness, connection, and my truth; an unraveling that helped me remember who I was.

As a spiritual mentor and reiki energy healer I’ve devoted myself to the path of healing, with a mission to support others on their journey back home. I love holding space for other beings on their path of unlearning, deeply listening and most of all, remembering.


Vivi (Guest teacher)

Like any other artist born in this intense society, my heart, too, was aching until I truly remembered. Remembered, I am here to guide with the example of bravery, honesty, presence. The artist's journey is one hell of a bumpy ride - and nobody said it’s gonna be easy.

I believe we're given talents and clues of curiosity for a reason. Life gifted me with plenty of channels for expression. I am here to observe the secrets of the world, provide space for all emotions my heart desires to feel, and give my learnings back to the community through poetry, stories, paintings, movement, rituals, and more. When I follow the muse’s invitations, I am naturally opening possibilities for others, too, and holding space for those ready to fearlessly step into their own transformation. All with one purpose - to undress all the layers that are not yours and come back to your true senses.



Early bird: € 950 shared & € 1200 single
Regular price: € 1100 shared & € 1350 single

If the cancellation is made at least 8 weeks before the start of the retreat, then you will receive the difference between the amount you paid and a non-refundable 350 EUR deposit. If the cancellation is made less than 8 weeks before the retreat, then the entire amount is non-refundable.

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