Tesha Matthew

'Soul Surfing' Retreat Leader

With a passion for the Law of Attraction, self-healing and energy work, Tesh is aligned with her purpose, which is to change lives positively. She worked as a teacher at a secondary school for 11 years, before creating the ‘LOA Twins’ with her twin sister.

She offers a unique experience of meditation, dance, movement, laughter and tears. There isn’t a blueprint or plan, as she is able to ‘read’ you deeply and then share the guidance that she is ‘given’ for you, with you.

Tesh connects with your past, sometimes hidden, subconscious suffering, and then helps you to release this blocked energy, and explore how to use your life experiences to find freedom and fulfilment.

She brings light to darkness, strength to weakness and hope to those who are lost - all with a gorgeous sprinkle of nurturing and love in this sometimes cruel and harsh world. She supports you in discovering the trust that you have perhaps never found.


Tesh is living proof that it is possible to naturally rebuild your life from rock bottom, through removing your ‘mask’ and stepping courageously forward. When you’re in her presence, you will feel the message of trust and truth that she is here to deliver.

Together with her sister, Tesh is the author of ‘In Two Minds’ and ‘The Rise and Sparkle Journal’.


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