SOAR to serenity

Immerse yourself in the depths of Yoga and learn to calm your mind, release stress, and slow down in an ever-faster world. Framed by two classes of yoga a day, the morning session quite dynamic and the afternoon session much gentler, we will introduce you to our unique and powerful tool, SOAR, for mind mastery and serenity.

You may have noticed that there are multiple versions of you that show up according to how you’re feeling. We are emotional beings, and precisely which emotions, feelings and moods we’re experiencing determine how we express ourselves in the world. At the root of this is consciousness, or being present to this moment.

In simple terms, when we are unconscious (normal state of mind), we are thinking, speaking and acting from a programmed version of ourselves which has predictable patterns of behaviour. When we are conscious (natural state of mind), we are thinking, speaking and acting from a limitless field of possibility that is utterly unpredictable.

SOAR is an acronym -
S - Slow down and withdraw from the outer world
O - Observe only your breathing
A - Accept all that is arising within and around you without attachment
R - Relax deeply and remain quiet and still

This tool will enable you to find peace when you are upset, to act calmly when you are facing challenges, and will even help you to rest and sleep at night. We call this the essence of Yoga, because in whilst Yoga is a total support system for your life - how you exercise, breath, eat, rest, think and so on, it is essentially about learning to calm your mind and emotions. For only this way can you observe the arising of life within and around you with equanimity and therefore remain in peace and feel content.


Sample daily schedule:

08:00Dynamic Yoga session
10:45Morning talk - introduction to SOAR
14:30Free time
16:30Gentle Yoga session / Calisthenics / Zumba / Acroyoga
20:30Sharing circle, Music, Ecstatic dance, Yoga Nidra

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