East meets West: Yoga & psychotherapy for overcoming mental & emotional issues

A beautiful blend of the ancient wisdom of Yoga, psychotherapy, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), and a range of nurturing Eastern and Western bodywork treatments. This retreat is excellent for transmuting fear, anxiety, loneliness, stress and other troubling emotions, as well as for optimising your relationships.

Similar to our wellbeing holiday of the same name, however this retreat allows you to experience the wisdom of yoga, CBT and psychotherapy in a group setting. For many of us, this is a more powerful way to face our challenges and issues.

Pleasurable feelings like confidence, determination, trust, motivation, passion, hopefulness help us to focus well, think straight and move towards achieving our goals. However, painful emotions like anger, anxiety, hurt, guilt, shame, disappointment, frustration, depression, fear and so on, hinder our ability to focus and deal with daily challenges. Few of us are able to manage such emotions well, but for some of us they cause us to think-feel-act in a dysfunctional and self-destructive manner, which creates a vicious cycle of negative emotions, feelings and moods.

The majority of our current emotional difficulties have their roots in our early childhood experiences, and therefore result from deeply engrained behavioural traits. But we can learn to resolve these emotions, thereby leading to a healthy evolution in our perspective about ourselves, others and the world.

Our ability to manage challenging emotions such as anger, anxiety, depression, guilt, hurt, shame and jealousy is directly linked to our quality of life, in other words our sense of fulfilment and contentment. Thankfully there is much less stigma around mental health these days, and many of us now realise that we would benefit from developing our ability to manage our emotions better.

Each of the programs includes private and personalised sessions based on psychometric and other forms of assessment. Through your initial conversations with your psychotherapist, as well as the assessments, it will become clear what you would like to focus on - eg. anxiety, depression, phobias, social unease, anger, interpersonal conflicts, relationship issues, marriage & couples counselling and so on.


Sample daily schedule:

08:00Dynamic Yoga session
11:00Initial psychometric assessment (1.5hrs)
14:00Counselling session
15:00Free time
17:00Personalised Yoga session
20:30Sharing circle, Music, Ecstatic dance, Yoga Nidra

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