Bodywork & Massage

In recognition of the fact that we are all bio-individual, we offer a variety of treatments within bodywork and massage.

For some, this will mean light touch to soothe a troubled mind, and for others, a deeper form of bodywork will offer much needed relief from muscular tension. Whatever the case, the intention is always essentially the same - to ease the body, and calm the mind.

  • keyboard_arrow_right Alchemy of Touch

    Relax deeply with this unique, divine treatment that interweaves a number of different massage techniques, to soothe and release any physical, mental and emotional blocks. Rhythmic, wavelike spinal movements are used to release tension from your muscles and create space for energy to flow more freely. This helps your body to rebalance itself so that it can function optimally. 

    60 / 90 minutes

    Deep relaxation and rejuvenation - Contact to book now


  • keyboard_arrow_right Swedish Massage

    Ease tensions, improve circulation and eliminate toxins with this rejuvenating massage treatment.  Long, gliding strokes, kneading, tapping and shaking motions are applied in the direction of blood returning to the heart, to help increase levels of oxygen in your body and enhance your overall health and wellbeing. 

    60 / 90 minutes

    Eliminate toxins - Contact to book now

  • keyboard_arrow_right Abdominal Massage

    Often overlooked in bodywork sessions, our internal organs play an essential part in our holistic wellbeing, contributing towards our mental and emotional states, and playing key roles in certain diseases. 

    Based on traditional Thai Massage and Chinese Chi Nei Tsang, this unique treatment addresses the 5 elements of the visceral body in the thorax and abdomen, and releases tension and pressure of the surrounding muscles and ligaments.

    60 / 90 minutes

    Heal your gut - Book Now - Contact to book now

  • keyboard_arrow_right Deep Tissue

    An all-encompassing, circulatory oil massage that helps to ease tension and stiffness in the muscles throughout the body, plus improve muscle flexibility. Favoured by those who seek a stronger massage, the technique incorporates slow, deep pressure applied to knots in your muscles until they release. 

    60 / 90 minutes

    Very beneficial for arthritis, lower back pain and sciatica - Contact to book now

  • keyboard_arrow_right Zen Shiatsu

    Restore your body’s natural equilibrium with this in-depth healing massage therapy based around the Chinese Meridian System.  Gentle acupressure, applied with fingers, hands, elbows, arms and feet, and stretching along the energetic lines of the body, helps to re-establish balance in your physical, emotional and energetic bodies.


    90 / 120 minutes


    Physical, emotional & energetic healing - Contact to book now

  • keyboard_arrow_right Soul Bodywork

    This is a sacred fusion of different therapies based on Shamanic tradition, including mindful touch and active listening and questioning, which acts on all levels of your being physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  

    Soul Bodywork eases your physical body, challenges your negative belief systems and creates openings for emotional release. This is an experience like no other!

    90 / 120 minutes

    A Shamanic healing - Contact to book now


  • keyboard_arrow_right Thai Yoga Massage

    Improve your flexibility, relieve tension, stimulate your internal organs, and bring yourself back into balance with this ancient massage technique that dates back to the time of Buddha.  Performed on a comfortable floor mat, manipulation of your body through passive stretching and gentle acupressure along energy lines will release blockages, restore your energy levels and relax you deeply.

    90 / 120 minutes

    A divine, yet passive, opening of the body - Contact to book now

  • keyboard_arrow_right Therapeutic Massage

    Unwind physical tension, release energetic blockages and initiate your body’s own self-healing process, with this holistic treatment based on physiological, energetic and structural meridians.


    Following an detailed consultation, this comprehensive approach interweaves harmonics, manipulation, fascial release and osteopathic Thai techniques, working from the superficial muscular level through to the organs, and addressing the Sen Energy lines that travel the length of the body. 


    90 / 120 minutes


    An MOT for the body - Contact to book now

  • keyboard_arrow_right Stress Pattern Release

    Discover and release habitual patterns that no longer serve you, and rebuild your emotional, mental and physical health through various techniques like - tremor releasing, mindful touch, energetic rebalancing, constellation work, kinesiological muscle testing and belief repatterning. 

    This is highly recommended for all, particularly those dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, burn out, interpersonal relationship issues and psychosomatic aches and pains.

    90 / 120 minutes

    Release stress, restore harmony - Contact to book now

  • keyboard_arrow_right Reiki Healing

    Open up to deep relaxation and new pathways of healing with this meditative practice that combines channeled Universal energy with your individual life energy to enhance your wellbeing.  Reiki dissolves and eliminates toxic energy and substances from the physical, mental and emotional levels of your being, and harmonises the flow of energy within you. 

    This energetic, healing practice involves placing the hands and/or crystals on, or just above, your body in order to rebalance your chakras and bring healing energy to all of your organs.

    60 / 90 minutes

    Align your chakras - Contact to book now