Gianni (500hr certified yoga teacher) has been practising yoga for over 12 years and for the past 7 years he has been sharing his passion and love for yoga with his students in Europe and in recent years, across south east Asia and India.

For him, the best way to respect and honour the practice of yoga is by sharing it with the world, helping others to find more balance and keep the monkey mind under control. He mainly teaches Hatha (which is his great love), Vinyasa and he loves incorporating Yin Yang flows in his classes.

He also enjoys teaching Ashtanga, where he tries to share this style to beginners, breaking down the sequences and modifying the flow to make it more accessible to everyone. Gianni is also experienced in teaching pranayama, meditation, concentration techniques and yoga nidra - and he incorporates most of these in all his yoga practices.

He connects very easily with people as he has always been very sensitive and empathic, with an Italian ‘flair’ always added to all his interactions. Yoga for him is also part of an inner journey that allows him to be more connected with his true self and others, allowing him to come to terms with any states of the mind and thoughts like never before.

In his spare time, Gianni is a visual artist and painter. He is a strong advocate of self expression, and he doesn’t think people should ever fit in a box.